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CRP 2018-20


Up to 2017, SFD worked through four phases through which an estimated $2bn funded by donors and government was raised to support projects. Of that amount a cumulative flow of disbursements of nearly $1.83bn has created around 70 million work days as temporary jobs and supported 25.9 million beneficiaries with improved access to services, community infrastructure and direct income. The number of donors increased steadily and reached 14 during Phase III and IV: implying a clear evidence that SFD steadily gained the confidence and consent of the international donor community.


In response to the conflict that started in March 2015, SFD, with the support of its donors, developed a Crisis Response Plan (CRP) 2016 - 2017 within the framework of the SFD phase IVThe CRP aimed to build resilience through restoring livelihoods, basic social services and delivering large scale CFW activities, supporting social basic services delivery and reviving the activities of SMEs and MFIs.

SFD is now launching an extension to the CRP to cover 2018 through 2020 to continue and expand SFD’s operations to mitigate the impact of the current crisis on households and communities. CRP 2018 – 2020 aims to achieve specific results:

1)    Increasing short-term employment and livelihoods opportunities through the Social Safety Net Program;

2)    Restoring key service delivery through small-scale infrastructure and supporting the continuity of key social services in education and health; and

3)    Reviving MSEs and MFIs as private sector in Yemen is the largest existing source of livelihoods in Yemen.


For more information, click here to get the CRP 2018-2020 document


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