SPCRP supported initiatives triggering wide impact

SPCRP supported initiatives triggering wide impact

As of 2019, SPCRP-supported Tamkeen Program, that mobilized communities to democratically  elect 1,606  VCCs members for 230 VCCs who, after training, have lived up to their planned responsibilities for leading the preparation of 230 Village Resilience Plans, implementing 542 self-help initiatives, fundraising, and mentoring transparent implementation of small-scale infrastructure projects through contractual partnerships with district local authorities.

The 542 self-help initiatives, costing Yemeni Rials 26 millions, have covered capacity building and maintenance of various sectors including water tank, illiteracy classes, roads, schools and cleaning campaigns. Therefore, VCCs have become capable to implement other 150 projects worth YR95 millions (41% supported by SPCRP and 59% by community). 940 women and 242 men have been trained in the life skills training and first aid, and some 5,350, including 65% females, have been benefited from the other initiatives.


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