The SFD undertakes special interest in education that takes the largest spending share among other projects. The education sector supports the efforts of the Ministry of Education in implementing the National Strategy for the Development of Basic Education, the Strategy of Secondary Education and the Strategy of Literacy and Adult Education to achieve the national objectives and the stated global goals related to education for All.

Providing equal opportunities

The program aims at providing equal opportunities for males and females, in the urban and rural areas by means of building new schools to serve well the students, repairing and improving educational facilities, improving educational environment to become motivating and supporting to the students' growth and encouraging for enrolment and stability in the school, adding classrooms and service buildings for existing facilities to mitigate denseness and furnish and equip educational buildings that enable better performance and more stability for  the educational process.

Rural girls education

This program targets the areas where the enrolment gap between males and females exceed 90%. The program performs activities that enhances the community participation in supporting the girls and advocating her right in education. It take into consideration the rural girls' needs in terms of infrastructure, suitable educational modes and issues relative to day-to-day life. The program activities include infrastructure, capacity building, community mobilization and building community structures.

Quality education
The SFD undertakes special attention in quality education through the support of pre-school programs, kindergartens, care programs, gifted education, and testing pllot approaches at the level of development of quality education and introduction of new technologies in teaching and learning, and testing several new concepts, methodologies and applications in the practice of the educational process and capacity building. The quality education projects are distributed on the following sub-programs:

Primary education and kindergartens:
The SFD aims to support the state's efforts to expand the system of pre-school education in different areas as the essential foundation for basic education and its first component.  Rearing children in pre-school stage is an integral part of - in terms of importance - supporting basic education. Real investing in pre-school education is positively reflected on quality education of in the early ages and is reducing spending on education resulted from cases of student non-adaptation, performance failure, retake and dropout.

Excellence in Education
This program aims to provide with advanced educational and academic programs to respond to the concerns of gifted students and their talents. These programs defy the students' abilities and enable them to reach their full potential in the cognitive and emotional areas.

Quality Education Schools

This program aims to create models of schools with quality education in order to achieve qualitative shift of the educational process and improve the performance and effectiveness of education sector's employees. It also aims to change the concepts, methods and practices of education, makes the shift from quantity to quality and the transfer of the bearing center from teaching to learning and from the teacher to the learner in order to improve education outcomes.

Literacy and Adult Education

This program works closely with the Government’s Literacy and Adult Education Authority and its offices nationwide in order to build the capacity of administrative and technical staff and of teachers of literacy and adult education. Program activities include training courses for teachers and facilitators (both sexes) in the centers and literacy and adult education classes on the skills of adult education, preparation of teaching aids, life skills, crafts and handicrafts, and other skills.

Institutional support
The program aims at developing the administrative and institutional organization of the line sectors in the Ministry of Education and its offices in the governorates and districts through supporting the basic infrastructure, institutional support and promotion of decentralization of educational services.

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