The SFD vision for this sector is to support the efforts of the Ministry of Public Health and Population to increase coverage of basic health services and enhance the performance of the health system in order to contribute to meet the health-related MDGs that are due by 2015.

The SFD health interventions focus on 5 programs; expand and improve the coverage of basic health services, support reproductive health and maternity and childhood services, strengthen health systems and policies, improve middle health education, and improve access to mental health services.

Primary Health Care Program
The program aims to contribute to the improvement and expansion of coverage of primary health care, and increase the number of service providers and enhance their capacity in order to improve the services they provide through improving the infrastructure of health facilities (health units and centers) in the poor areas and disadvantaged groups, and through rehabilitating and training the middle health staff before and during their service.

Reproductive Health Program
The program aims to contribute to increase the rate of births under medical supervision and reduce mortality of mothers and newborns through constructing and equipping the basic and comprehensive obstetric emergency units and maternal and child centers, equipping sections of premature infants and newborns, and training and qualifying  midwives (especially community midwives) before and during the service, in addition to training the service providers who are working in the field of premature infants and newborns care.

Health Systems and Policies Program
This program aims to strengthen the administrative and institutional capacities of the Ministry of Health and its offices in the governorates through strengthening health management and health planning, supporting health systems (such as health information, health map, health human resources), and promoting decentralization of health services. The SFD will support these activities as long as the Ministry has a clear vision on these aspects and in consistence with the National Health Strategy.

Improvement of Middle Health Education Program
This program aims to strengthen the administrative and institutional capacities of the public health institutes through supporting educational systems, and strengthening administrative and technical capacities of cadres of the health Institutes through on-the-job training in consistence with the Health Institutes Strategy and as long as the Ministry and health institutes have a clear vision on these aspects.
Mental Health Program
The program aims to contribute to the expansion and improvement of mental health services in consistence with the trends of the National Mental Health Strategy through the incorporation of mental health services as a component of the primary health care. The program also strengthens the school mental health and the mental care in hospitals, juvenile centers and mental counseling in universities .
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